Road signs – all Swedish traffic signs

Warning signs (A)

Warning signs

These warning signs have been set up to warn of a hazard. The sign indicates what the type of hazard is. You should take extra care when you see a warning sign and possibly decrease your speed as well.

Priority signs (B)

Priority signs

A priority sign shows how the right of way rules work.

Prohibitory signs (C)

Prohibitory signs

A prohibitory sign informs the road user that something is prohibited. The prohibition normally applies up until the next junction unless otherwise stated in connection with the sign.

Mandatory signs (D)

Mandatory signs

You are obligated to follow mandatory signs. They may for example state which carriageway is to be used or the direction on a certain road. A mandatory sign applies up until the next junction unless otherwise stated in connection with the sign.

Instruction signs (E)

Instruction signs

The instructions inform the road user of the rules on a given road. Normally, the signs apply up to the point where an end sign has been erected.

Direction signs (F–I)

Direction signs

A direction sign informs you of how to get to a certain place (town, hospital, petrol station, etc.).

Information signs (J)

Information signs

An information sign informs the road user about the accessibility and safety of a road.

Symbols (S)


Symbol panels are used on location signs and additional panels to indicate which types of vehicle are referred to.

Additional panels (T)

Additional panels

An additional panel supplements the information on another road sign, providing information such as time and distance.

Traffic signals (SIG)

Traffic signals

Traffic signals are there to inform you whether you should stop or go at a junction or in another traffic situation.

Road markings (M)

Road markings

Road markings are in place to guide road users. Road markings can be found in combination with signs.

Other signs (X)

Other signs

Other important devices and indications provide you with information and directions regarding things which are not mentioned on any other road markings.

Signals at railway crossings and level crossings (Y)


Signals at railway crossings and level crossings.

Traffic officer (V)

Traffic officer

Traffic officer.

Signals by police officers (P)

Signals by police officers

A police officer, vehicle inspector, traffic director or military police officer has the right to give indications and directions in situations such as traffic control and traffic redirecting.

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