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A cookie is a small text file which a website that you visit saves on your computer/mobile/tablet or similar device. Kö uses cookies in three categories (see below).

1) Cookies for basic functionality

Cookies for basic functionality are used to make the website work like it is supposed to. This includes to:

  • keep track of whether or not you are signed in,
  • keep track of the questions and your responses during a test,
  • verify that forms are submitted correctly,
  • keep track of your language choice,
  • be able to write in the forum,
  • activate the listening function,
  • save your settings if you choose to listen to content,
  • be able to request a new password,
  • increase security for payments,
  • manage cookies settings.

Cookies for basic functionality do not require consent. For this reason, no box will appear for you to approve these. All cookies can be activated and de-activated via settings in the web browser. If you de-activate cookies in your browser, the website will not work like it is supposed to. For example, you will not be able to sign in and you will not be able to do any tests.

All basic cookies on Kö are session cookies. This means that they are deleted when you quit your browser.

2) Cookies for extended functionality

Cookies for extended functionality are used to:

  • keep you signed in, if you choose that option.

On the sign in page, there is a choice to keep you signed in for 7 days. This is made possible with a cookie containing a unique identifier that is only used to keep track of your sign in status. By clicking the box to keep you signed in, you have given consent to use this cookie. If you choose to reject cookies for extended functionality on this page, the cookie will be deleted.

3) Cookies for marketing

Cookies for marketing are used to:

  • keep track of visitors that have navigated to the site via a partner link,
  • keep track of visitors that have navigated to the site via Google ads.

If you click on a sponsored partner link (e.g., student discount), a cookie called at (validity: 30 days) will be created. If you make a purchase here at Kö within 30 days, the purchase will be tied to the partner. Kö does not store any information to tie the purchase to you. The partner is able to see the number of purchased made, but not who has made the purchases.

If you click on a Google ad, Kö creates two cookies: at (read the explanation in the paragraph above) and aw (validity: 30 days). The purpose of aw is to keep track of visitors arriving via Google ads. If you make a purchase at Kö within 30 days, the aw cookie will enable a conversion tag. The purpose of this is to inform Google that a purchase has been made via an ad. Kö is then able to analyse reports from Google and determine which ads are most effective. Kö does not store any information that ties the purchase to you. Read Google’s policy at

When it comes to cookies for marketing, Kö asks for your consent before they are used. The question is asked in a box with buttons at the top of the website. The box appears when required. If you do not see a box asking for consent, you are not affected by these cookies.

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Last updated 2021-03-10.