Insurance – about car insurance

Car insurance can be divided into 3 levels: third-party insurance, partial insurance and fully comprehensive insurance. What is included in the various types of car insurance differs from one insurance company to the next.

Home insurance can provide you with compensation if you have been injured in an accident, lost baggage or similar.

It is good practice to keep an insurance claim form in the car. Order one from your insurance company.

Different levels of car insurance

Third-party insurance

  • Covers personal injury and damages to another party’s car or property. Therefore if your own car is damaged, you will not receive compensation.
  • Obligatory, i.e., every motorised vehicle must have third-party insurance.
  • If you have avoided damages for a number of years, you can receive a cheaper third-party insurance premium through a no-claims bonus.
  • If you are penalised for reckless driving or drunk driving, the insurance company may claim money back from you (right of recourse).

Partial insurance (partial casco insurance)

Covers everything included in third-party insurance plus:

  • Theft – if the car is stolen or it is damaged during an attempted theft.
  • Fire – if the car sets on fire.
  • Glass – e.g. stone chips.
  • Machine – if the engine breaks down.
  • Legal protection – legal costs are covered.

Fully-comprehensive insurance (motor vehicle damage insurance)

Covers everything included in third-party insurance and partial insurance plus:

  • Damage to your own car in the event of a traffic accident.
  • Scratches and dents.
  • Vandalism.
  • Towing.

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