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Example of a parking question from the Swedish theory test (in English).

Explanations to difficult theory test questions

Study the photo above. It is permitted to park here on a Thursday between 19–23 (4 hours) without using a “P-skiva” (i.e. “parking disc”). Why is this allowed? The answer can be found in the explanation:

There is only one blue additional panel. Because all the information is included on the same additional panel, it all applies together. In other words, it is only between 08–18 and (08–15) that parking is limited to 2 hours. It is also only during these times that you are required to use a parking disc.

Because you are parking at 19, none of the conditions on the blue additional panel apply to you.

If “2 tim” (i.e. “2 hours”) had been stated on its own additional panel, would I then have been permitted to park for 4 hours?
– No. In that case, the limit of 2 hours would have applied at all times (24/7).

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