Classification of vehicles – vehicle terminology

Road user

All persons travelling in a vehicle or walking, cycling or riding along a road are classed as road users.


A device on wheels, tracks, runners or similar which is designed primarily for travel on land, and which does not run on rails. Vehicles are subdivided into motorised vehicles, trailers, towed vehicles, sidecars, bicycles, horse-drawn vehicles and other vehicles.” (The Ordinance on Road Traffic Definitions)

  • Motorised vehicles
    • Motor vehicles
      • Car
        • Private car
          • Class I (normal)
          • Class II (campers)
        • Lorry
          • Light lorry
          • Heavy lorry
        • Bus
          • Light bus
          • Heavy bus
      • Motorcycle
        • Light motorcycle
        • Heavy motorcycle
      • Moped
        • Class I (EU moped)
        • Class II
    • Tractor
      • Tractor A
      • Tractor B
    • Heavy equipment
      • Class I
      • Class II
    • Terrain vehicle
      • Off-road vehicles
      • Terrain scooter
  • Trailer
    • Trailer
    • Trailer sled
    • Light trailer
    • Heavy trailer
  • Towed vehicle
  • Sidecar
  • Bicycle
  • Horse-drawn vehicle
  • Other vehicles

Speeds for different vehicles

Below you will find the maximum speeds for a selection of vehicles. Even though you are just studying for a category B licence, it is good to know other the maximum speed of other vehicles. It could be helpful in certain situations, like when you are planning an overtake.

Vehicle Speed
Private cars and light lorry.


Light bus.
Speed limit of the road applies
Heavy bus with seat belts. 100 km/h
Heavy bus without seat belts.

Heavy lorry on a motorway or clearway.
90 km/h
Heavy lorry on other roads.

Car with a trailer with brakes.

Motor vehicle with unbraked trailer whose total weight (or unladen weight when the trailer is unloaded) does not exceed half the pulling vehicle’s unladen weight, although no more than 750 kg.
80 km/h
Moped class I (EU moped). 45 km/h
Motor vehicle with unbraked trailer whose total weight (or service weight when the trailer is unloaded) does exceed half the pulling vehicle’s service weight.

Motor vehicle with trailer (articulated drawbar and service brake) that has a gross weight that does not exceed the pulling vehicle’s gross weight.
40 km/h
Towing. 30 km/h

Theory test with video questions

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