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Price & cost of a driving licence – how much a Swedish driving licence costs

Driving licence

Source: Swedish Transport Agency

The average price for a driving licence is 15,000 kr. If you handle everything yourself, without lessons at a traffic school, the price for the mandatory elements is around 4,000 kr.

The cost of training at a traffic school varies between different towns and cities. In bigger cities, the driving licence is generally more expensive than in smaller towns. This may be because traffic is more complicated and intense in bigger cities, but also because the premises costs, etc. for the traffic school are higher.

Another possible explanation for why the cost of a driving licence is higher in big cities is that the car does not play as central a role for those living there. In rural areas, a car is often a necessity, as there is usually some distance to schools, workplaces and shops.

Those growing up outside the city therefore generally have many more miles of experience (as a passenger or practice driver) than those living in a major city. Experience pushes down the price of the licence significantly as the lessons are the major expense.

Driving licence calculator – calculate the cost of the driving licence

Element Type Amount Unit price
Eye test Mandatory 1 kr
Supervisor training (per person) Private kr
Driving licence questions, practice tests on the computer   1 kr
Driving lessons at a traffic school (50–70 minutes) Traffic school kr
Risk training (part 1) Mandatory 1 kr
Skid training (part 2) Mandatory 1 kr
Photos at the Swedish Transport Administration Mandatory 1 80 kr
Theory test (knowledge exam) Mandatory 325 kr
Practical driving test (driving test) Mandatory 800 kr
Car for the practical driving test   kr
Producing the driving licence Mandatory 1 280 kr
Other costs. E.g. theory lessons, petrol money, theory book. kr

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