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Car B is turning left in this junction where the right-hand rule applies. Is A permitted to overtake in order to continue straight ahead?

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Overtaking is normally prohibited in this type of junction (right-hand rule junction). However, there are exceptions:

Overtaking shall [...] be done on the right when the driver of car in front is turning left or is clearly preparing for such a turn. […] Overtaking may not be done just before or at a junction, except when [...] overtaking on the right hand side.” (Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

Why is this permitted?
– The driver overtaking is in the “appropriate” lane, i.e. the right one. This means that you do not have to drive out towards the centre of the junction. You must also consider what is efficient and practical. If a long queue forms by cars waiting for the road to be clear of oncoming traffic before turning left, you may pass on the right (which will feel natural in this type of situation).

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