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You have rented a regular passenger car. Which statement is true with regard to the weights stated on the prohibitory signs?

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Restricted weight on one axle (C23)

Restricted weight on tandem axle (C24)

A regular passenger car weighs around 2 tonnes. The maximum limit for what a passenger car can weigh is 3.5 tonnes.

If your car weights 2 tonnes and has 2 axles, this is equivalent to a weight of 1 tonne per axel. In other words, you could stack 10 cars on top of each other before you would be affected by the prohibitory sign.

Is it not best to stop and check, in order to be sure?
– In certain situations, but this is unnecessary here if you have basic knowledge of your vehicle. The difference between the actual weight and the maximum weight of 10 times (1000%) is so large that you do not need to stop. You should avoid stopping unnecessarily, because this could obstruct other road-users and create hazardous situations.

You can compare this situation to the assessment of speed. Imagine that car A is travelling at 10 km/h and car B is travelling at 100 km/h. You should be able to tell which car is driving fastest without stopping and using a police speed detector.

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