How it looks when you take a driving licence test

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A driving licence question

Example of a question in a driving licence test at Kö

It looks like this when you start a test. If you have tried our free demo theory test (2024) you will find it very familiar.

Kö has theory tests in Swedish, theory tests in English and theory tests in Arabic.


Overview of all driving licence questions in the test.

If you click on the Overview button, you will see this page. You can see all questions in the test and find out if they are answered or not. You can also see if the question is flagged by you.


Results page after a driving licence test at Kö

When you mark your test, it looks like this. You will find out if your answer was right or wrong. You will also find an explanation to the questions.


Kö will adapt to your screen size. When you sign in from your phone, it will look like this.

Kö a theory test in the mobile app. Kö a theory test in the mobile app. Kö a theory test in the mobile app.

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