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You intend to turn right. Which statement is true if a cyclist approaches from behind and wishes to cross the road using the bicycle passage (red arrow)?

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Both you and cyclists using the bicycle passage on the right have a green light:

Green (SIG3)

It is pedestrians who have a red light:

Red acoustic signal with slow intervals (SIG6)

The bicycle passage on the right is controlled. “A bicycle passage is controlled if traffic is regulated by traffic signals.” (Ordinance on Road Traffic Definitions)

At a controlled pedestrian crossing, a driver shall give a pedestrian who has correctly stepped onto the pedestrian crossing the opportunity to pass. This also applies even if the driver is permitted to drive over the pedestrian crossing in accordance with traffic signals or signals provided by a police officer.

A driver who, having turned at a junction, shall pass a controlled pedestrian crossing shall drive at a low speed and have an obligation to give way to pedestrians who have correctly stepped onto, or are just about to step onto, the pedestrian crossing.

The obligation according to the first and second paragraphs concerning controlled pedestrian crossings also applies to cyclists and drivers of class II mopeds at controlled bicycle passages.”
(Road Traffic Ordinance)

Run-through of the alternative answers:

  • I have an obligation to give way to the cyclist.
    – Correct. See the quote from the Road Traffic Ordinance above.

  • I do not have an obligation to give way to the cyclist, but I must adapt my speed to ensure that no danger arises.
    – Wrong. You do have an obligation to give way. Adapting your speed is good, but the fact remains that you have an obligation to give way, which entails more obligations than just adapting your speed. You must stop if a cyclist wishes to cycle over the bicycle passage.

  • I have no obligations towards the cyclist, because I have a green light.
    – Wrong. Even though you have a green light, you also have obligations towards the cyclist (who also has a green light).

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