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Are you required to signal using your direction indicators if you intend to turn into the property shown at the end of the video?

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There are no exceptions to the rule for using indicators in this situation:

When a driver intends to start from one side of the road or to turn, turn around, change lanes or change the lateral positioning of the vehicle in anything other than an insignificant manner, the driver shall give a signal using the direction indicators in order to signal their intention [...] Signals shall be given in good time before the intended manoeuvre is executed and shall be clearly visible and unambiguous. The giving of the signal shall end as soon as the manoeuvre is completed.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

It is difficult to see how this could possibly confuse other road-users, because you have just driven across a bridge. In other words, you are not passing any other roads on the right that you could conceivably be signalling your intention to turn onto.

If anything were to confuse other road-users in this situation, it would be not using your indicators to signal your intention.

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