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Zone sign (E20)
The sign indicates the beginning of a controlled zone that is subject to the prohibitions or permissions that are indicated on the sign that is attached. Deviations from the instructions on the sign may be stated by means of additional information panels. Time restrictions may also be attached to the sign. The sign is erected at the entrances to the area and applies up to the point where the sign E21, end of zone, is erected or it is otherwise clearly indicated that the instructions on the sign no longer apply. Within the area, there may be deviations from the instructions on the sign. These deviations are indicated through other road signs and additional panels. The instructions on the sign also apply after such deviations without the sign being repeated. Other prohibitions or allowances may be indicated on the sign. The Swedish Transport Agency has the authority to issue provisions regarding which prohibitions or allowances may be indicated.

You are not permitted to park “everywhere” (you are, for example, never permitted to park in a junction). There may also be other directions, which makes “everywhere” an incorrect option.

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