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You are driving up a slope and right at the top you spot a tractor coming towards you. What should you pay particular attention to in this situation?

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The question specifies that you are going uphill. Is there any alternative where the slope means that you should pay particular attention to a certain aspect?

Review of the options:

  • The large rear wheels of the tractor increases the risk of loose chippings.
    – They would rather reduce the risk, as the tractor is driving at a low speed.

  • Vehicles behind the tractor may overtake it.
    – Drivers behind the tractor may feel stressed by the low speed, and they have limited visibility due to the slope. The low speed of the tractor combined with the limited visibility on the slope means that this alternative is well suited as something to be particularly attentive of.

  • The width of the tractor forces you out on the hard shoulder.
    – The slope has no impact on this, meaning that you do not have to pay particular attention.

  • The driver of the tractor is young and inexperienced when it comes to regular road traffic.
    – The driver may just as well be very experienced, so this is not a good alternative.

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