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You intend to drive straight ahead. Which statement is true?

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Because no lights are showing, the traffic signal is not working. When this happens, drivers must instead observe the road markings. In this example, it is clear that you are driving on a priority road.

Priority road (B4)

The vehicle approaching from the right must allow you to pass:

A driver who drives from one road onto another road that is a priority road [...] has an obligation to give way to vehicles on the road that the driver intends to drive onto.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

Any oncoming vehicles (which intend to turn) are also on the priority road. They must however allow you to pass, because they are affected by this rule:

A driver who intends to turn at a junction [...] shall ensure that this can be done without obstructing oncoming traffic.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

Important: Because this is a situation that deviates from the norm, you should reduce your speed and exercise additional caution when driving across the junction.

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