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You intend to turn left at the junction. Which statement is true concerning your use of indicators?

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Warning for a junction where road users on a connecting road are obliged to give way or stop (A29)
The sign indicates a junction where drivers of vehicles on connecting roads are obliged to give way or stop. The symbol is adapted to the conditions of the location.

There is no exemption from using indicators in this situation. In a written answer, the Swedish Transport Agency has confirmed that the regular rule for indicators applies:

When a driver intends to start from one side of the road or to turn, turn around, change lanes or change the lateral positioning of the vehicle in anything other than an insignificant manner, the driver shall give a signal using the direction indicators in order to signal their intention.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

But I am only following the road that is indicated by a thick line!
– Yes, but how will other road-users know this? Use your indicators to signal your intentions.

But the other road-users have an obligation to give way to me!
– This makes no difference. If you are driving on a regular, straight priority road and make a turn at a junction, surely you would still give a signal? Even though the connecting road has an obligation to give way?

Does this mean that I need to use my indicators on regular curves?
– No, a curve is not a junction.

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