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You are driving on a priority road, which means that intersecting traffic must give way to you. See the sign on the right, at the beginning of the video.

Priority road (B4)

Traffic appears to be moving slowly further ahead. In other words, there is a risk that you will have to drive slowly or even be forced to stop in the middle of the junction.

Even though you are driving on a priority road, you must show consideration to the blocking rule:

When a driver is approaching or entering a junction, they shall adapt their driving so as to not cause an unnecessary hindrance to traffic on the intersecting road should the vehicle be forced to stop at the intersection.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

The blocking rule only applies if you are forced to stop after you have entered the junction. If you are moving slowly, you have no obligation to allow intersecting traffic to pass. (This is, however, usually appreciated, so you may allow intersecting traffic to pass if you think it is appropriate.)

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