Is it permitted to drive 40 km/h within an area where this sign is placed?

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Recommended lower speed (E11)
The sign indicates a stretch of road or an area where specific measures have been taken or where conditions are such that it is advisable to drive at a lower speed than the maximum permitted speed. The recommended lower speed is indicated on the sign.

Note the words “advisable” and “recommended”. These words signify that this action is not compulsory. If it would have been compulsory to stay under 30 km/h, what then is the difference between this sign and a regular round speed sign (C31)? Nothing in that case, which would mean that E11 is completely unnecessary.

Speed limit (C31)
The sign indicates that it is prohibited to drive a vehicle faster than the speed indicated on the sign.


  • E11 (square blue/white) = it is not advisable to drive faster, but you may do so (but not faster than the road’s regular speed limit).
  • C31 (round yellow/red/black) = it is illegal to drive faster.

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