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What applies at this junction if there is traffic coming from the right?

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You are driving on a priority road. It is completely normal for the sign providing notification of the priority road to be placed after the junction. This allows intersecting traffic to see that the road is a priority road.

Priority road (B4)
This sign is placed at the beginning of the priority road and repeated after every junction”.

The Swedish Transport Agency also states that a ‘Priority road’ sign shall not be placed immediately after a junction if the road was not also a priority road before the junction.

Should there not be a ‘Give way’ sign and a ‘Give way’ road marking for traffic from the right?
– Yes, a clear ‘Give way’ sign and ‘Give way’ road marking would be preferable. But this has no significance for this question. Intersecting traffic has an obligation to give way because you are driving on the priority road. There is actually a ‘Give way’ sign further along the road to the right, but it is difficult to see.

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