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You had planned to continue straight ahead at the junction. At the moment the video ends, you change your mind and wish to turn left instead. Which statement is true?

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Run-through of alternative answers:

  • I can remain in the same lane and turn left, because the central lane is also for vehicles turning left.
    – Correct. The direction sign above the road at the start of the video shows that you can turn left from the central lane. The road marking with the arrow also shows this (left and straight ahead).

  • I must change lane before the junction, otherwise I may not turn left.
    – Wrong. You do not need to change lane. Furthermore, changing lanes is prohibited, as the lines separating the lanes have now become continuous.

  • I may not turn left, because the arrow on the road is pointing straight ahead.
    – Wrong. The arrow also points to the left.

  • I may not turn left, because the lanes are separated by continuous lines.
    – Wrong. You do not need to change lane in order to turn left. Because you do not need to change lane, it makes no difference that the lines are continuous.

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