You are sitting in the car from which the picture is taken and you intend to drive into lane B on the priority road. How do the right of way rules work?

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It is indicated in the question that the road you are entering is a priority road. “A driver entering a priority road from another road [...] is obliged to give way to vehicles on the road they are entering.” (Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

The obligation to give way applies to the entire road:

Obligation to give way [...] obliged to yield to all vehicles on the intersecting road, regardless of the direction from which they are coming.” (Du och jag i trafiken [You and me in traffic], 28th Edition, page 143).

A car in lane A may be about to overtake and is therefore crossing into lane B with two wheels. It would then be quite inappropriate for the rules to allow you to drive out onto the road.

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