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You want to turn right at the coming junction. Which statement is true?

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The road marking you will need to cross is:

Bicycle passage or bicycle crossing (M16)
The sign indicates a bicycle passage or a bicycle crossing where there is a ‘Bicycle crossing’ sign (B8). If the road marking indicates a bicycle crossing, it shall be combined with the ‘Give way line’ sign (M14).

Because these are not present…

Bicycle crossing (B8)

Give way line (M14)

…it can be concluded that it is a bicycle passage, not a bicycle crossing.

A driver who, upon exiting a roundabout or after having turned at a junction, shall pass an uncontrolled bicycle passage must drive at low speed and provide any cyclists or moped drivers who are already on or are just about to enter the bicycle passage with the opportunity to pass.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

Am I not driving over a mandatory footpath and bicycle path?
– No. Because there are road markings for a bicycle passage, we can say that the footpath and bicycle path ends at the actual crossing, and begins again immediately after the crossing. The actual crossing itself is only a bicycle passage, and nothing else.

What is the actual difference between the “obligation to give way” (bicycle crossing) and having to “drive at low speed and provide any cyclists or moped drivers who are already on or are just about to enter the bicycle passage with the opportunity to pass” (bicycle passage)?
– In conjunction with turning (as in this question), the difference in practice between the two is very slight. Even so, there must be a difference, otherwise it would not be worded in this way in the Road Traffic Ordinance. The obligation to give way is the stronger term, and places greater obligations upon you. The Road Traffic Ordinance states that: “Drivers who have an obligation to give way must clearly show their intent to do so by, in good time, reducing their speed or stopping. The driver may only drive on if, with consideration to the positioning of other road-users, the distance to them, and their speed, doing so does not cause any danger or obstruction.

Do cyclists not also have obligations towards me, as the driver of a car?
– Yes. The Swedish Transport Agency writes as follows, from the cyclist’s perspective: “The fact that you have an obligation to give way when you enter a road from a bicycle path, at the same time as the driver of a car has obligations towards you as a cyclist on a bicycle passage, may seem contradictory. By both you and the car driver being subject to obligations, you are both forced to show consideration to each other. This leads to greater safety.

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