How should the driver act in the private car behind the truck?

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The truck is about to turn right (as seen by the indicator and the fact that the truck is half-way in on the exit road). The car behind is too close, but not so close that it warrants braking since:

  • The truck is just a moment from being completely on the exit road.
  • The likelihood of the truck doing some unexpected and dangerous manoeuvre is not high.
  • Braking increases the risk of someone crashing into the private car from behind.
  • Braking can disrupt the rhythm of traffic, which is unnecessary if there is no good reason to do so.

It is best to be ready to act if something would happen.

Being ready to act may, for example, mean that you ease off the accelerator, move your foot to the brake pedal and are ready to brake. In this way you can reduce your reaction time and can more easily manoeuvre to avert a hazard.” (Du och jag i trafiken [You and me in traffic], 28th Edition, page 169)

It is unclear that the truck’s right indicator is on!
– Good, that is intentional. There are indications that the Swedish Transport Agency uses unclear pictures on the test. The entire question can rest on a detail that is barely visible at first sight.

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