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Which type of overtaking manoeuvre is generally preferred?

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  • Flying overtake means that you approach the car in front at high speed and change lanes in good time before driving past.
  • Accelerative overtake means that you drive closely behind a car at the same speed. When you go to overtake, you drive out and increase your speed quickly to pass the car.

The flying overtake is preferable since your high initial speed means that a shorter distance is needed to successfully overtake. Furthermore, it is more environmentally friendly than “flooring it”, as is required with an accelerative overtake. Accelerative overtakes also increase the risk of crashing into the car in front, as the distance maintained is usually far too short just before overtaking (Driving Licence Book, 19th Edition, page 85 & Du och jag i trafiken [You and me in traffic], 28th Edition, pages 248–250).

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