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Which statement is true with regard to the pedestrian crossing ahead?

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A pedestrian crossing is controlled if the traffic is regulated by means of traffic signals.” (Ordinance on Road Traffic Definitions)

At the moment, the traffic signals are not showing any lights, which means that traffic is not being controlled by means of traffic signals. This only refers to traffic signals that are showing lights.

What is ahead of you, therefore, is an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing:

At an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing, a driver has an obligation to give way to pedestrians who have stepped onto or are just about to step onto the pedestrian crossing.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

If the lights come on and show a red light, will it then be classed as a controlled pedestrian crossing?
– Yes.

Why are the lights not showing?
– The signals could be out of order. It is more likely, however, that they are only activated when a pedestrian presses the button. The idea then is perhaps that certain people use the pedestrian crossing without pressing the button, whilst others (e.g. children or the elderly) press the button in order to stop the traffic.

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