What is the greatest risk when you have driven onto this exit ramp?

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This is a classic situation. With questions concerning exit ramps from motorways and dual carriageways, it is almost always speed blindness that is the issue.

When you have driven a long distance on the motorway [or dual carriageway] and slow down at the exit ramp, you may, due to speed blindness brake, brake far too late and, for example, swerve off the road as a result.” (Driving Licence Book, 19th Edition, page 83)

The distance you have driven is admittedly not given. You must then think about how long you normally drive on a dual carriageway. It is more than 1 minute in any case. This, in combination with the fact that the other options are not so reasonable, means that you can assume that you have driven a long distance and therefore risk speed blindness.

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