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At the start of the video, you are driving on a road where the speed limit is 70 km/h. The time is 19.00 on a weekday. How should you think when you pass the 50 km/h signs?

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The additional information panel states that the reduced speed limit of 50 km/h only applies until 18.00. The reduced speed limit therefore does not apply now, when the time is 19.00.

Time indication (T6)
The panel indicates when the indication on the road sign applies. If times are used in combination with other conditions, the panel also indicates when these conditions apply. Black or white figures without brackets indicate weekdays, except weekdays before Sundays or public holidays. Black or white figures within brackets indicate weekdays before Sundays or public holidays. Red figures indicate Sundays or public holidays. If the time limit extends past midnight, it applies after midnight the following day. If a certain day or certain weekday is indicated, the regulation applies to this day regardless of whether the day is a weekday, Sunday or public holiday.

There is also another road sign just before the 50 km/h signs:

Children (A15)
This sign indicates a stretch of road where children often cross or where there are often children on or near the road.

This sign has no additional information panel. It is also extremely reasonable to assume that there may be children in the vicinity one hour after the reduced speed limit ceased to apply.

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