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Are you permitted to stop in order to drop off a passenger at the red arrow?

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This place is a speed bump:

Speed bump (M17)
This marking indicates a speed-reduction measure in the form of a bump, gutter or similar obstacle.

Note also the pavement curbs to its sides. There are no interruptions to the curb, as there would be at a pedestrian crossing or a bicycle crossing. In addition, there is also an area covered with grass on the left-hand side of the road.

This road sign is displayed at the start of the video:

No parking (C35)

This means that you are forbidden to park here, but not to stop.

It does not appear that you would be obstructing any entrance road to a property, but even if this were the case, this would still not be forbidden because you are only stopping. The Road Traffic Ordinance only forbids parking, not stopping: “A vehicle may not be parked [...] on a road in front of an entry road to a property or so that vehicle traffic to or from the property is significantly obstructed.”

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