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You are driving towards Värtahamnen. Which statement is true at the moment the video ends?

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The lane furthest to the right is changing to a bus lane (for vehicles in scheduled public transport). You receive several indications of this in the form of arrows on the road surface:

Change of lanes (M20)
The road marking states that a change of lanes must soon take place.

This road sign indicates the start of a bus lane:

Reserved lane or carriageway for public transport vehicles, etc. (D10)
The sign also indicates that vehicles specified in Chapter 8, Section 2 of the Road Traffic Ordinance (1998:1276) are permitted to use the lane or carriageway, unless otherwise stated on an additional panel. If other vehicles are permitted to use the lane or carriageway, this is indicated through an additional panel.

Run-through of alternative answers:

  • I must immediately try to change to the right-hand lane in a safe way, and then remain in the right-hand lane when the road splits.
    – Wrong. The right-hand lane will soon become a bus lane.

  • I must remain in the same lane and be prepared to soon turn off on an exit road to the right.
    – Correct. Before the sign that marks the exit, there is an exit that you (as a driver of a regular vehicle) can use. This exit will run parallel to the bus lane.

  • I must drive towards Stockholm C and find another route, because the white direction sign only shows a route towards Värtahamnen for public transport vehicles.
    – Wrong. The white direction sign applies to you as the driver of a regular vehicle, and you will soon reach an exit that you can use.

Here you can see how the situation looks after the signs (this is not necessary for you to be able to answer the question, but it could be interesting to see):

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