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You are driving a regular passenger car. Which statement is true concerning overtaking in the coming tunnel?

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Run-through of the alternative answers:

  • I may not perform any overtaking, because this is forbidden in tunnels.
    – Wrong. There is no such prohibition.

  • I may not perform any overtaking, because this is forbidden according to a prohibitory road sign.
    – Wrong. The prohibitory sign seen around 5 seconds in to the video only applies to heavy goods vehicles: No overtaking with a heavy truck (C29)

  • I may only overtake in dense traffic queues, and then only on the left-hand side.
    –Wrong. There is no such law that says this.

  • I may overtake on the right-hand side, as long as the road’s speed limit does not increase.
    – Correct. Overtaking on the right-hand side is permitted if the speed limit is 70 km/h or less (70 km/h signs are visible around 8 seconds in to the video). The Road Traffic Ordinance states that overtaking must be performed on the left-hand side, but there is one exception:

    On a road where the maximum permitted speed is 70 kilometres per hour or less, and the carriageway has at least two lanes for traffic travelling in the same direction as stated by road markings, a driver may use the lane that is most appropriate with consideration to the onward travel.

    This exception also applies on motorways.

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