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Do you have an obligation to give way if a car approaches from the right at the end of the video?

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The layout here makes it clear that the area on the right is an exit road. The kerb by the footpath continues past the exit, and the place does not resemble a regular junction where the priority-to-the-right rule would apply. Compare this to the junction shown at the start of the video, where the priority-to-the-right rule does apply.

The exit rule: “A driver also has an obligation to give way to any vehicle when its path crosses their own path when the driver joins a road [...] from a parking space, a property, a petrol station or from any other similar area in connection to the road [or] after having crossed a footpath and bicycle path”. (Road Traffic Ordinance)

The road sign that warns drivers of emergency response vehicles does not have an impact on this question. For one thing, the sign is more likely to refer to a place further ahead, and, if this were the case, the question would state that the vehicle emerging from the right is an emergency response vehicle with flashing blue lights.

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