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Can coffee reduce tiredness?

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In this study, coffee was shown to to have a slightly better effect on alertness and driving than a short nap – it took 30 minutes to kick in and the effect was clearly visible for another hour. The maximum effect is likely obtained by combining the two methods (Reyner and Horne, 1999). A number of other studies have shown that 100–200 mg caffeine (2–3 cups of coffee) would consistently improve the alertness in sleepy test subjects (Lumley et. al., 1987; Lorist et. al., 1994).” (Institute for Psychosocial Medicine and Karolinska Institutet/Swedish Transport Administration)

Some people are taught that coffee is very bad and of no use. This is not true. Coffee often gives a kick that keeps the tiredness away for a while. However, the best thing is always to sleep longer.

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