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Which alternative applies to tiredness?

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Review of the options:

  • Microsleeping while driving increases traffic safety.
    – Wrong, microsleeping is when you fall asleep behind the wheel; it is very dangerous in other words!

  • The risk of tiredness increases on long stretches of straight country roads.
    – Correct, since monotony/dull repetition increases tiredness. Driving on a winding and varied country road is like attending a party with lots of people, while a straight country road is like lying on the couch watching a boring film – there is a great risk of falling asleep.

  • Most accidents caused by tiredness occur in the afternoon.
    – Wrong, most of them occur at night/early morning.

  • Sleep apnoea in older people increases traffic safety.
    – Wrong, sleep apnoea is an illness that disrupts your sleep at night and constitutes a traffic hazard.

  • The tiredness increases when you move your muscles.
    – Wrong, increased movement = reduced tiredness.

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