Theory test

You are driving the vehicle from which the pictures are taken. In what situation are you obligated to give way to traffic coming from the right?

Review of the options:

A: Correct, the right hand rule applies “when the paths of two vehicles intersect in an open area or similar location, for example, in a parking area or inside a petrol station.” (Driving Licence Book, 19th Edition, page 41)

B: Wrong, you are driving on a priority road. The Swedish Transport Agency states that a priority road sign is not located directly after a junction if the road is also not a priority road before the junction = priority road also before the junction in B.

Priority road (B4)

C: Wrong, the road on the right has an obligation to stop.

Stop line (M13)
The marking indicates where a vehicle should stop according to a road sign or traffic signal.

It cannot be any other line than a stop line. Furthermore, a stop sign can be found further to the right in C.

Can it really be this unclear?
– Yes, the picture shows a real traffic situation that you must be able to assess in a single second. Reports from the real test indicate that unclear situations may occur.

D: Wrong, the road on the right has an obligation to give way.

Warning for a junction where road users on a connecting road are obliged to give way or stop (A29)

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