Theory test

How much spirits (40%) corresponds to 100 cl of light beer with 3.5 percentage alcohol by volume?

The amount of [...] pure spirits (40 %) that a strong beer or a glass of wine corresponds to [...] can be calculated with a formula (percentage by volume X the volume in cl X 0.025).” (MHF)

3.5 * 100 * 0.025 = 8.75 cl (round up to 9 cl)

(0.025 is the same as dividing by 40)

Do you really need to be able to do this?
– There are indications that questions of this type may appear on the real test.

Is the correct answer not approximately 4 cl?
– No, since it says 100 cl in the question. It is true that a normal can of light beer is 50 cl and contains approximately 4 cl of spirits. However, this involves 100 cl, i.e. 2 normal cans.

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