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With consideration to the pedestrian and the pedestrian crossing, which statement is true?

At an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing, a driver has an obligation to give way to any pedestrian who has stepped onto or is just about to step onto the pedestrian crossing.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

The traffic island has no significance. The pedestrian crossing begins where the pedestrian is now, and ends at the other side of the road.

What exactly is meant by an “obligation to give way”?
– The Road Traffic Ordinance states: “Drivers who have an obligation to give way must clearly show their intent to do so by, in good time, reducing their speed or stopping. The driver may only drive on if, with consideration to the positioning of other road-users, the distance to them, and their speed, doing so does not cause any danger or obstruction.” Even though the pedestrian has not yet stepped onto the pedestrian crossing, you have an obligation to show that you intend to give way. In this example, it is clear that you must stop. There is no opportunity for you to drive on before you have allowed the pedestrian to cross.

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