Driving licence test

Is it permitted to allow a child under 3 years old to travel in a taxi without a child safety seat?

A child younger than three may not travel in a vehicle where it does not have the possibility of using a special safety device for children, besides temporary transport in a taxi over short distances. In such a case, however, the child may not travel in the front seat.” (Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

Should safety not be prioritised?
– Yes, in certain cases, however, exceptions are made for practical reasons. Imagine that a single parent is standing at a train station in the middle of the night and has to get home. It would feel wrong to deny them a taxi, especially when the risk is minimal that the taxi will be in a serious crash during the short distance driven.

What is a “short distance”?
– The law does not provide an exact answer. You must make an assessment in each case and hope that the judicial system concurs. Read more about the interpretation of unclear rules.

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