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Can stopping be prohibited despite a prohibitory sign not being erected?

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A vehicle may not stop [...] in a roundabout”. (Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

Stopping a vehicle means bringing it to a standstill in a way which:

  • is not done to avoid danger
  • is not the result of traffic conditions, or
  • does not constitute parking.” (Swedish Transport Agency)

Are you not allowed to stop in a roundabout? You certainly have to do so if a queue forms!
– Standing still because the traffic situation requires it (e.g. due to a queue forming) is not counted as “stopping” according to the rules and is therefore allowed.

Why are signs not always used? It would makes things easier to understand.
– It would be impractical. For example, you may not stop in a curve where visibility is obstructed. What is considered obstructed visibility can vary. In winter there may be snow embankments that entirely obstruct visibility, whereas in the summer the visibility is good. Should the Swedish Transport Administration invest tax money into setting up new signs on the curve several times a year?

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