Driving theory questions

You are driving a regular private car. Which statement is true in this situation?

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You only need to see this sign in order to know that you must turn left:

Direction to be followed (D1)
The signs indicate that the vehicle may only be driven in the direction of the arrow or, in the case of two arrows, in either arrow’s direction. The symbol is adapted to the conditions of the location.

The use of the road marking and the additional information panel can be said to mean: “Everybody must turn left, except for buses or taxis”.

There are also additional clues. Further ahead, this sign can be seen:

Reserved lane or carriageway for public transport vehicles, etc. (D10)
The sign also indicates that vehicles specified in Chapter 8, Section 2 of the Road Traffic Ordinance (1998:1276) are permitted to use the lane or carriageway, unless otherwise stated on an additional panel. If other vehicles are permitted to use the lane or carriageway, this is indicated through an additional panel.

On the right, you can see this sign:

No entry (C1)

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There is also a driving licence book online (2024).

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