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Is it possible for an additional extension panel to depict a single arrow pointing upwards?

Extension (T11)
The panel with arrows pointing in two directions, placed horizontally or vertically, means that the indication applies to both sides of the sign. The panel with the arrow pointing down means that the indication ends there. The panel with a right or left-pointing arrow means that the indication applies in the direction to which it points. If the panel is used under an E19 sign, parking, the black symbol is on a white background with no border. The panels can also be used independently to demarcate parking spaces in an area, if there is a sign at the entrance to the area stating that parking is permitted.

The following types of arrow are described in the segment quoted above:

  • Two-way arrows.
  • Downward arrow.
  • Rightward or leftward arrow.

There is no such thing as an “upward arrow”.

A single upwards-facing arrow (A) would indicate that the sign is applicable “from this point on”. This is already the basic significance of a road sign, which means that no additional panel is necessary (the arrow is implied, as in B).

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