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Which statement is true in regard to the lined area to the right of the photo?

Prohibited zone (M9)
The marking indicates an area where vehicles may not drive according to Chapter 3, Section 11 of the Road Traffic Ordinance. The marking consists of angled or oblique lines depending on the conditions at the location. Part or all of the area can be painted white.

Chapter 3, Section 11: “A vehicle may not drive in a prohibited zone or across a solid line with any wheel.
However, departures from this rule are acceptable under particular caution if
1. this is required in order for the vehicle to pass an obstruction on the road;
2. the junction is otherwise too narrow for the vehicle;
3. a solid line needs to be crossed to enter or exit a property or equivalent area; or
4. if in the direction the vehicle is travelling there is a broken line immediately to the right of the solid line.

(Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance)

There are no indications that one of these exceptions are applicable.

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