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You are driving on to a motorway. What rule applies?

Acceleration lane […] you do not have priority […] the traffic on the motorway does not have priority […] mutual consideration must be shown […] If the motorway does not have an acceleration lane, there is an obligation to give way to traffic on the motorway.” (Driving Licence Book, 19th Edition, page 106–107)

The purpose of the acceleration lane is to allow you to reach a high speed. It would be illogical and unsafe if you (once you have reached a high speed) had to brake hard to give way to cars on the motorway.

The best approach in terms of both safety and convenience is for those driving on the motorway to adapt their speed/change lanes to let you in, or if you adapt your speed to fit into a gap in traffic.

Remember that the acceleration lane is always constructed for everyone to have good visibility. In a regular junction, visibility may be poor, which makes mutual adaptation unsuitable.

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