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Which alternative applies to conversations with the driver?

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Is it just as dangerous talking to a passenger?

Yes, a conversation with a passenger is just as demanding as a telephone call.

However, there may be an interaction between you and your passenger when talking to one another. This interaction is based on your passenger also being focused on the traffic. In a difficult traffic situation, your passenger will probably not ask you any questions, and will not find it strange if you do not answer at once.
” (Swedish Transport Administration)

There are many factors playing into this. The fact that you are both in the same place physically may reduce the risk of an accident if the passenger avoids talking in difficult traffic situations, which indicates that conversations with a passenger are less risky. On the other hand, this situation may be treacherous if you, as the driver, relax completely because you think that a conversation with your passenger has no impact on your driving ability at all. In that case, a telephone conversation can be less risky, as you are aware of the risks and therefore adapt your driving.

On buses, there is usually a sign telling you that conversation with the driver is forbidden while driving.

Whether you use a handsfree or not is of little importance: “a driver using a handsfree will be more or less as unfocused as a driver holding a mobile phone in their hand. Their reaction time will be much longer and their driving as uneven as when talking on a hand-held device.” (Swedish Transport Administration)

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