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You are driving at 98 km/h on a clearway where the speed limit is 100 km/h. Is it reasonable to commence an overtaking of the lorry ahead?

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The distance between the roadside posts on a clearway is usually 50 metres (100 metres on motorways). When the video ends, the distance between you and the lorry is around 150 metres, based on the position of the roadside posts.

You can assume that the lorry is travelling at around 80-90 km/h. You are driving more quickly than the lorry, but not so fast that you will have time to make up the gap of 150 metres, then overtake the lorry, and then return safely to the right-hand lane.

If we assume that the lorry is driving at 80 km/h, you would not even have caught up with the lorry by the time this section of road ends. The calculation for the distance you would need in order to catch up with the lorry: 98*150/(98-80) = 821 metres.

Do I need to know the formula for this calculation?
– No. It is enough that you know that 400 metres is too short a distance in which to complete an overtaking manoeuvre, unless you are very close to, or are travelling much faster than, the vehicle ahead.

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