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You intend to continue straight ahead. How should you plan your passage through the junction?

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This is a situation where everybody has obligations. However, not everybody is able to follow the rules 100%, because:

  • A must allow you to pass, in accordance with the turning rule.
  • B must give way to A, in accordance with the priority-to-the-right rule.
  • You must give way to B, in accordance with the priority-to-the-right rule.
  • None of you may enter the junction and stop, in accordance with the blocking rule.

The result is that you are all stationary at the point at which the video ends. This situation calls for the drivers to cooperate and make reasonable compromises.

In a situation such as this, it could be a reasonable solution if you were to drive first, particularly because A will need to stop for the pedestrians approaching the pedestrian crossing (on the right). However, you are the last to arrive at the junction, which suggests that you should wait. The crucial factor in this situation is, however, that:

  • A seems to already have taken the initiative by beginning to turn.

If another driver (A, in this instance) begins a manoeuvre in order to resolve a complicated situation, you should remain calm and allow the driver to complete the manoeuvre. For you to enter the junction at the same time as A would be unsafe behaviour, in a traffic context.

But what if A brakes and stops, instead of making the turn?
– This is a distinct possibility, but there is nothing in the video to indicate this will happen. You must plan your actions on the basis of the information available. In the video, A has turned his/her wheels and is beginning to steer onto the junction. The reasonable interpretation is that A will turn before you, and you should plan your actions accordingly.

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