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You intend to continue straight ahead. Do you have an obligation to stop and allow the oncoming car to turn first?

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According to the ‘turning rule’, it is the oncoming car that must allow you to pass:

A driver who shall turn at a junction or who shall leave or cross the lane he or she is driving on shall ensure that this can be done without obstructing oncoming traffic or road-users on the lane the driver intends to drive onto.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

One aspect of this situation is that you are driving on a one-way road (see the road sign at the start of the video):

One-way traffic (E16)

However, the road ceases to be one-way at this road sign:

Beware of two-way traffic ahead (A25)
This sign indicates that a one-way road is turning into a road with traffic in both directions.

However, none of this has any impact on the situation in the question. It is the ‘turning rule’ that applies.

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