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You intend to turn right at the junction. Which statement is true?

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Give way (B1)
The sign indicates that a driver is obliged to give way to a vehicle on the intersecting road”.

It is true that, in most instances, you only need to interact in cooperation with vehicles in lane B, because it is their lane that you intend to join. However, you have an obligation to give way to all vehicles on the intersecting road.

Your obligation to give way to the entire road becomes particularly important if a driver in lane A decides to overtake another vehicle when passing the junction (which is permitted, because you have the obligation to give way). In conjunction with this manoeuvre, the car doing the overtaking will be travelling in the lane that you intend to join. If you are not looking to the right, an extremely dangerous situation could arise!

Therefore, where you have an obligation to give way, you must always check in both directions!

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