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You intend to turn left at the junction shown at the end of the video. Which statement is true with regard to the oncoming traffic?

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The fact that you can see oncoming traffic does not mean that there will be any obstruction. You must make a judgement as to whether you can fulfil the following provision:

A driver who shall turn at a junction or who shall leave or cross the lane he or she is driving on shall ensure that this can be done without obstructing oncoming traffic or road-users on the lane the driver intends to drive onto.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

The oncoming traffic in the video is quite a long way away. If, in your judgement, you have time to complete the turn without causing any obstruction to the oncoming vehicles, you are permitted to do so. If you decide that the oncoming traffic will be obstructed (e.g. will be forced to brake), you are not permitted to make the turn. What is important here is that you must not cause an obstruction, and not that you can see that there is oncoming traffic.

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