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Should you continue straight ahead at the railway crossing at the instant when the video ends?

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Stopping on a railway crossing is strictly forbidden and must be avoided at almost any cost, because an extremely dangerous situation could arise if a train comes.

Because the car ahead of you has been forced to stop on the tracks, it appears that there is dense traffic with queues forming further ahead. If you drive forwards at the same moment the video ends, there is therefore a major risk that you will also be forced to stop on the tracks.

Run-through of the alternative answers:

  • Yes, because there is a risk that I could block intersecting traffic from the right.
    – At the instant when you stopped, you are not blocking the junction. Watch the video again and pause it when the car in front is in the same place, and you will see that there is plenty of room. However, even if you are blocking the junction for road traffic, it is extremely more important that you do not drive forwards and be forced to stop on the railway tracks!

  • No, I may not, because there is still a risk that I could be forced to stop on the railway crossing.
    – The Road Traffic Ordinance states that: “A road-user may not drive onto a junction for railways or trams [...] if there is a risk that the road-user must stop on the junction.

  • Yes, but I should avoid stopping on the railway crossing.
    – At the instant when the video ends, there is a risk that you will need to stop on the crossing. This is not permitted (see the previous answer). It is therefore wrong to answer “Yes” to the question of whether you should drive onto the crossing. Furthermore, “should” is too weak a word; you must avoid stopping.

  • No, because the signal is flashing white.
    – A red light means you must stop, not a white light.

But the traffic ahead is moving – can’t I begin to drive?
– No, you do not know when it might stop again. You may not drive onto the railway crossing if you are not completely sure that you can pass the whole crossing without stopping. At the instant when the video ends, the car in front is still on the tracks, so you cannot be certain that you can pass over the whole crossing if you enter at this moment. Perhaps you may be able to drive on in 3 seconds, but not at the instant when the video ends, as is specified in the question.

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