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Do you have an obligation to leave the road free for trams to pass?

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You have an obligation to leave the road free for trams to pass.

A road-user must ensure freedom of passage for [...] trams, unless the tram driver has an obligation to give way that is marked by means of a road sign. Drivers who are to ensure freedom of passage must stop if this is necessary.” (Road Traffic Ordinance)

This applies regardless of from which direction the tram comes. There is no road sign in this situation that indicates that the tram driver has the obligation to give way – on the contrary, it is the car drivers who are warned about the trams, and this warning is reinforced by the flashing signals.

Junction with tramway line (A37)
The sign indicates a junction with a tramway that has no barriers.

Flashing amber light to indicate extra caution (SIG18)
The signal is used where a road is partially closed or to make it easier to detect a road sign or another instruction. The number of apertures and their placement is adapted to the instruction alongside which the signal is displayed. The signal may be used independently or together with an instruction that emits sound in order to provide instructions for pedestrians about an intersecting tram or bus.

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