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You intend to continue following the priority road. Are you required to signal to the right using your direction indicators?

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In this example, the right-hand bend is so gentle that the priority road is considered to continue straight ahead. You must only signal using your direction indicators if it is clear that you are turning at a junction, not just because you turn the steering wheel a little to the right.

Is it not better to give a signal in order to be extra clear?
– No. In this example, giving a signal would only cause confusion. If you look carefully, you can see that there is an intersecting road a little further ahead on the right. If you signal to the right as you follow the bend, other road-users will think that you intend to turn off from the priority road and turn into the road on the right.

Are there any instances when I must indicate when following a priority road?
– Yes, if it is clear that you are turning at a junction. See the picture below. The road straight ahead ends and you must reduce your speed in order to choose between right and left. You must indicate to the right when following the priority road, because it is clear that you are turning at a junction.

Direction of priority road (T15)

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